Relative vigor index strategy

Relative vigor index strategy

Higher values for the RVI indicate increasing trend strength, while lower values indicate a lessening of momentum. The trader takes profit on half of his or her existing buy position. If the RSI indicates overbought conditions in the market by readings above 70, this is taken as a confirming signal of the RVI divergence indication. The strategy is as follows: The trader continues taking half profits, then resumes a full long position while the overall uptrend remains intact, as determined by price remaining above the period moving average, or MA. In the next article on the Relative Vigor Index indicator, we will put all of this information together to illustrate a simple trading system using this Relative Vigor Index oscillator. A forex trading strategy designed to make maximum profits from a long-term uptrend can be created using the Relative Vigor Index , or RVI, in conjunction with other technical indicators.

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Relative vigor index strategy

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